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promentoryThe intent of Christine’s work is to facilitate the highest level of physical function and motor competence contributing to the greatest possible quality of life for an individual with special needs. The focus of her treatment involves creating a trusting relationship where the client feels free to experience new and challenging sensori-motor activities in a safe environment. Christine has an eclectic treatment approach that combines the principles of NDT, manual therapies, postural alignment, biofeedback and a variety of alternative and traditional methods.

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christineKid1Christine Egan’s clients vary in age from a few weeks of age to early twenties. She works with a few adults, most of who have CP. She treats a wide spectrum of disabilities from very mild impairment to severe and multiple handicapping conditions. In the mild group, consultation, short term treatment and orthotic devices might be a standard course of therapy. More involved clients may benefit from weekly therapy, positioning and adaptive equipment, and home exercise or TES programs. In all cases she is focused on maximizing the client’s potential for functional movement. Find important forms here.

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64 Main St., #2 Rear, Pt. San Quentin, CA 94964  directions   |   print out
Phone: 415-455-9721  Fax: 415-491-9735

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“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi This is what I call SUCCESS! I was inspired to compose my thoughts soon after receiving this photo and comment from a mom who had recently left my care and relocated in another state. “Look at that running […]

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