“Clearly a strength of Christine Egan (is her hands-on work). Her calm, focused approach encouraged our daughter to go just beyond her level of comfort and really make progress.” - Marin County Parent and Physician

“Christine integrates several disciplines at once…TES, orthotics, taping, manual therapy, etc. with focused attack on whatever the issue. I’ve been around the pediatric physical therapy circuit of San Francisco and Marin and hands down C.E’s outstanding dedication, skill, thoughtfulness and varied knowledge set her apart from the rest.” - Parent, Mill Valley

“This form of reinforcement and measurement (Biofeedback) was very impactful on our son. “I have always felt Christine and Alex have had a very good rapport. He likes to impress her with how successful (her) services have been. I appreciate her visionary approach to dealing with his challenges.” She “pushes the envelope” and always seems to move a little beyond what normal procedure requires. I like that.” - Parent, Bodyworker and Therapist

“Christine is at the hub of our therapuetic wheel. She is an anchor. She is an excellent therapist.” - Parent, Novato

“Christine is very caring and innovative” - Parent, San Anselmo

“Christine is professional and consistent. She is compassionate to my daughter’s feelings, which brings a trust (something lacking in past therapists). She’s positive and encouraging about the future.” - Parent, Novato

“When we started coming to see Christine, I believe Jessie was 18 months old. She couldn’t walk because she has low muscle tone. By 20 months, she was up and going. Jessie still has obstacles and battles to face with he gross motor skills but Christine helps her find ways to try to overcome them. Now Jessie’s four. She runs and hops and climbs. Christine has been the backbone and main support to helping us get there.” - Parent and Teacher, San Rafael

“(Christine) makes physical therapy fun. My son enjoys her visits.” - Parent and CEO of Child Development