Treatment Approaches

Here are a few approaches used by Christine Egan and her associates:

Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT):  Certified in 1987 with Ingrid Tscharnuter PT and Peggy Smith OTR, a hands-on approach to facilitating sensori-motor skills focusing on postural alignment and facilitating balance and equilibrium reactions in all positions on a developmental continuum.

CraniolSacral Therapy:  Gentle manipulation of the nervous system by mobilizing the bones and associated connective tissue.

Yoga:  Ancient practice of bringing body, mind and spirit together with transfor mative results. I have practiced yoga for 25 years and continue to admire it’s efficiency and power.

Jin Shin Do Accupressure:  Using accupressure release points to effect energy flow in the body.

Orthotic evaluation, casting and fitting:  Trained by Paul Jordan, MD and Lois Bly PT at Langer Biomechanics in New York. Evaluate posture and alignment from the ground up and provide orthotic devices as necessary.

Pilates: Using the principles of awareness and alignment to build strength and control in the core of the body. Certified trained in mat/floor exercise programs, reformer and cadillac protocols.

Taping and Togging:  The principles of Kinesiotaping, developed by Kenzo Kase DC are applied to either inhibit or activate a muscle action. Theratogs, developed by Beverly Cusick PT, are extremely useful for children to learn body awareness, improve alignment and motor function

Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation (TES):  A nighttime home program of low-intensity electrical stimulation designed to improve muscle growth in children and adults with neuromuscular and orthopedic conditions.

Rosen Method Bodywork:  An emotionally oriented bodywork focusing on using touch and breathe to increase awarenes s of physical and emotional issues. My interest is in working with parents of special needs children.